To book a consult or training

Please fill out the order form and click the send button. If you haven’t received an answer after 48 hours please contact me directly by email to kerstin(@) – something has gone wrong.

According to the European Data Protection Law your info will be stored. The info is needed for me to fulfill my legal obligations of our contract. Apart from the info you leave here notes, pictures and videos from our training may also be stored. This info will not be shared with others and will not be used for other things than dog training and future correspondence.

At any time you can ask for your info to be corrected or deleted.

When you make a booking you will receive a CONFIRMATION of your booking. In case you need to re-schedule you need to NOTIFY ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – preferably by text – to avoid extra charges. IF YOU DON’T SHOW UP BUT HAVEN’T NOTIFIED ME you still have to pay the full amount. I ALLWAYS confirm if you cancel or want to re-schedule. If you don’t receive my confirmation I haven’t received your cancelation and you will have to pay.
If you need to re-schedule that is fine more than 24 hours before our appointment.

According to Swedish Consumer Law you can CANCEL YOUR BOOKING WITHIN 14 DAYS from date of order. This must be done in writing and before you start the training. If you have paid please give your bank details for a refund.

Together with the confirmation you will also receive an INVOICE. The invoice is to BE PAID IN ADVANCE to bank giro bg 423-2039 or with swish to 123 100 1858.

The training package is valid for 12 months from the first training session.

I email my invoices and receipts to save the trees!