Welcome to the Spotted Dog

I provide classes, 1-2-1’s and behaviour consultations. I am a member of Sveriges Hundföretagare (Organization of Swedish Dog Professionals). Since March 2018 I am a Certified ProDogTrainer by absoluteDogs (UK).

All dog classes are held in Swedish. Taking a class with your four-legged furry friend can be challenging when not speaking the language but if you understand Swedish and just can’t speak it is fine to participate in classes. 1-2-1’s and behaviour consultations can be held completely in English.

All dogs and owners are welcome. You may have a small struggle you need help with or a deeper struggle that requires a training programme. If you don’t understand Swedish well enough for class or if your schedule doesn’t allow for weekly classes 1-2-1 training is an option. What you want to train is up to you! There is a solution to every struggle. Sometimes it is quick and smooth, sometimes it requires time and a training programme – whatever your struggle is, the training will make a difference. You can come to outdoor training in Hornstull/Stockholm or I can come to you for indoor or outdoor training.

All training is reward-based and mostly we play games that shape the personality in a fun and effective way! For behaviour struggles I start in a low-pressure environment for foundations without having to put the dog in situations it isn’t ready for. Working in a city environment often puts triggers and challenges much too close too quickly and a overwhelmed dog isn’t really learning anything. Training in your own home and still see results outdoors will strengthen you and make real learning happening.

To make an appointment or for more info please send an email to kerstin @ prickigahunden.se!

Training or consultation, price per started hour                                                                                   750 SEK
Training package 3 hours, 3 x 1 hour / 1,5 hour + 2 x 45 min / 4 x 45 min (paid in advance)     2.100 SEK
Training package 5 hours, 5 x 1 hour / 1,5 hour + 4 x 45 min (paid in advance)                           3.250 SEK

Travel expences will be added when coming to you.

The company has a liability insurance and is registered for taxes.
The Swedish Consumer laws applies to cancellation rules.
In all training situations strict dog owner liability applies according to Swedish law.

Please email kerstin @ prickigahunden.se for more information!